Artist Statement

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Bowie, MD, Sasha-Loriene captures her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art is to tell a story and create a personal experience that encourages others to not only reach deeper within each piece, but within themselves, as well. As such, her passion and raw talent have ignited her lifelong mission of encouraging creativity, thought, and expression in the community - participating in several events in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, California, and Florida.

Currently, Sasha-Loriene’s art focuses on uplifting women. As she digs deeper into finding her place as a woman in the arts and defining what femininity means to her, Sasha-Loriene uses her work to challenge the status quo. She incorporates bold colors, an array of lines and shapes, and delicate subject matter to redefine how women are viewed and revered in society. With growing support and drive for success, Sasha-Loriene continues to flourish as an eccentric artist and inspiration for others interested in influencing the culture of art.

Notable Highlights

  • OCTOBER 2019: Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery’s Mind | Body | Sou'l Exhibition - Washington, DC

  • JUNE 2019: Prince George’s County Family Justice Center’s “Hope” Mural – Upper Marlboro, MD

  • OCTOBER 2018: Smile Portraits Studio’s Mural – Columbia, MD

  • JULY 2018: TGL Crew’s “BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT” Mural – Los Angeles, CA

  • DECEMBER 2017: Salute Life's "Unplug Miami 2017" – Miami, FL

  • SEPTEMBER 2017: BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT Creation – Online

  • MARCH 2017: Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center's "The Collection" Exhibit – Washington, DC

  • DECEMBER 2016: The Sanctuaries' The Awakening: Multimedia Arts Experience – Washington, DC

  • JUNE - SEPTEMBER 2015: Hill Center Galleries Open Regional Juried Exhibition – Washington, DC

  • NOVEMBER 2014: SAX DC’s Arte Fete – Washington, DC

  • OCTOBER 2014: Just Rock Enterprise Murals – Hyattsville, MD

  • JUNE 2014: RAW Natural Born Artist: “Panorama” Showcase – Washington, DC

  • APRIL 2014: Blind Whino’s Marvin Gay Grooves 75th Birthday Celebration – Washington, DC

  • AUGUST 2013: Hyattsville Arts Festival – Hyattsville, MD

  • JULY - AUGUST 2013: World Bank’s Artist Exhibition – Washington, DC

  • JUNE - JULY 2013: The 8th 100 Artists Exhibition: “YES” – Brooklyn, NY