Jalisa N., Waldorf, MD

It has been a dream of mine to own a home. So, when God made a way for my husband and I to become home owners, I knew that I wanted original and beautiful art in my home. It just so happened, that Sasha invited me to an art show and there was a painting that captured my heart! This painting was so realistic, beautiful and bold. The painting depicted the start of my new life and it wasn't even made for me! Post-buying my home and anxiously saving up, I bought the painting and it was my first and favorite painting that will forever be close to my heart. In the painting, there is a man kissing a pregnant belly, a home with a fence around it and fingers with marriage rings symbolizing love. All of which happened in my life within the past two years.

Sasha, I would like to personally thank you for your work. You are extremely creative and talented. I look forward to buying more and passing your painting down for generations to come. Until then, I will enjoy it in this first home and every home to come.