Commissioned Paintings: Portrait, Realism & Abstract



I do commission paintings, however, I do not alter existing work. As such, many aspects go into the price of paintings. I charge for materials, size of the painting, and time spent (including details per head, body, background, etc). An illuminated reference picture is needed for a portrait or realism painting, as price also depends on the clarity of the picture for details.

  • Size of the Painting: A smaller piece (7" x 7") starts at $50. A medium piece (16" x 20") starts at $250. A larger piece (30" x 40 " and bigger) starts at $450. Prices increase and decrease depending on the amount of details

  • Materials: The type of paint and brushes are important. Acrylic paint is less expensive, dries faster, smooth. Oil paint is more expensive, dries slower (about a week), and has more texture. The size of the painting may determine the type of brushes needed.

  • Time Spent: The amounts of details plays a crucial factor in the time spent on a painting. Black and white paintings are less than colored painting because of time spent on the details and shadows, as well as the fewer amount of paint used. The number of faces, bodies, and quotes also increase the time spent and price.


Quotes & Orders

After consultation with the client, I will provide a quote, estimated time frame of the painting, and statement of the downpayment. Clients are required to pay a shipping charge of $15 to account for shipping and handling costs of delivering a painting, which may increase for larger paintings and/or international shipments. All commissioned paintings require a 30% nonrefundable downpayment that will account for necessary painting materials and resources. Once an order is started, the day I receive the downpayment, an order confirmation will be emailed as receipt and will include the details of the order, amount remaining (shipping included if it applies), and latest date for completion. No work will be done prior to the start of an order. Throughout the duration of an active order, I will be in contact with the client regarding sketches, progress updates, and possible questions to ensure input, satisfaction, and a quality product. Remaining amount will be due upon completion and client satisfaction. If painting is being shipped, remaining amount will be due prior to shipment. Photos will be sent to ensure communication and customer satisfaction. Please inquire about commission paintings using the form below. 

*Commission orders are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. I can work within budgets but keep in mind that I do not do any orders under $50, which would be a small acrylic painting with few details and would exclude the shipping cost.