She's Gotta Have It: Odyssey Untold's Wrapped Crystal


I love when I find gems via social media! I posted a on my Instagram Story looking for someone who sells crystals in the DMV area one day. A friend referred me to Tralisa of Odyssey Untold. She was having a sale on her spiritual merchandise, including wrapped crystals, bracelets, and chains. Shout out to good timing - sometimes, it just happens. I perused her Facebook page, found the perfect red jasper pendant. For some reason it stood out to me and I immediately put my order in. And just like that, I got exactly what I was looking for.

Ironically, that same friend invited me to a concert a few days later and go figure, Tralisa was there. I got to meet her and can say she’s such a sweetheart! Great vibes to match a great buy – I’m learning that this is very important. So if you’re looking for custom wrapped crystals and holistic healing services, check her out! She has new opportunities and services available too.

In all, I love my red jasper pendant and wear it often. Doesn’t matter the event or attire, it’s on my body or in my purse/jacket. For me, it’s a reminder to be mindful and welcome what I request. I’m living in the present and attracting good energy! :)

She's Gotta Have It: Addie Rawr's Planner

Towards the end of 2018, I started focusing on what I wanted out of my new year and how I wanted to be more organized in life. This was around the same time Addie Rawr, a dope painter and illustrator, was marketing her 2019 Be Your Own Boss Planner pre-order. In previous years, I purchased planners that just didn’t have everything I needed: too bulky and bland, not enough room to write, not intuitively organized (for me of course), etc. I heard great things about her planner from reviews so I figured I’d put my order in and see what all the hype was about. I received my planner right before Christmas and let me tell you all, it’s amazing! Not only was it gorgeous and well organized, it included tips for self-care (I’m really big on this), planning, budgeting, and debt reduction – ALL of the things I’m focusing on in one place. I love the fact that you can choose your own cover too. Awesome! Head to her shop and check out her merchandise. She has a new e-book, notebooks, mugs, has original paintings, prints, and more! I’ll add, she’s timely, her customer service skills are beyond excellent, and she’s over all a talented artist. Can’t wait to see what she has lined up this year! :)

She's Gotta Have It: Posh Candles Co.

As I was painting one day, I realized that I didn't have any candles. I love candles and incense so this was odd for me. Maybe that's why I've been on edge recently (lol). So instead of going to my regular chain store, I remembered a promise I made to support more women this year - this also means patronizing women-owned businesses. I started researching local handmade candle business. Thanks to the intrusion of social media via cookies, about 15 minutes later, I saw an ad for Posh Candle Co. as I was scrolling through Instagram. We're always being watched! But this time, I'm grateful haha. I moseyed along to the shop and found a 100% soy based Eucalyptus and Lavender scented candle named "Good Vibes," which was exactly the ambiance I was going for AND matched my Lavender Sage and Amethyst stone. Perfect! Look how the universe works lol. And it even came with a three piece crystal set (White Quartz, Rose Quartz and Snowflake Obsidian), a White Sage Smudge and a Palo Santo stick! I'm proud to say that everything is as expected and my little bedside shrine is complete (more complete lol). I couldn't find much about the owner, other than her name is Tay, but thanks so much Tay! She's awesome!

I wonder what my next buy will be? :)