Because You Need To Hear It

As you approach your new journey, lets take a moment to reflect. Over the past 11 months, you’ve gone through many transitions. You’ve been surrounded by warmth. You’ve felt love, joy, and peace.  You’ve also felt hate, sadness, and loneliness. In both company and isolation, you are who you are. Accept that. Learn from both and move on. You cannot stay where you are not welcomed, encouraged, or have already been.

I’ve watched you claim what you wanted thus far. Not surprising, they have all come into fruition. You never stumble upon it like luck would suggest, you put yourself in positions to make it happen and there it is. Every time you’ve said ‘everything will work out somehow,’ somehow, it works out 10 times better than imagined. I’ve also watched you become comfortable in your skin. You’ve made intentional decisions to not make others comfortable at the expense of your own discomfort. And for that, you are brilliant. You are powerful. You are unique. But you are human, so by nature, you are also flawed. You are not perfect. Continue to dissect your flaws and vices. Figure out the source and if you want to embrace them and/or circumvent them. Stop sabotaging yourself. Break your own cycle. You decide when and how. Know that in all, you are enough yet still have work to do.

Know that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to find interest in other things. It’s okay to outgrow environments and relationships. It’s okay to set boundaries and stick to them. It’s okay to hold space for yourself, new energy, and new opportunities. Sometimes, there is no absolute right or wrong, things just are. Be okay with that. You will be the good guy and the bad guy but don’t kill yourself over either. You’re still learning. You/they/we will be fine in the end. Life always takes to a state of balance.  You define your own journey, not purpose, and decide how you want to take that trip.  

Whatever place you’re in, embrace it. For every high, know that there is a trial or lesson waiting to be conquered because you need it - nothing more, nothing less. That’s the beauty in life. There are no coincidences. It’s only personal to your purpose, not your person. The universe will always conspire for your greatness as long as you align yourself to receive it.  

“I am dope, kind, loving, funny, eccentric, delicate, weird, artistic, creative, raw, unique, and understanding.

I am also lost, insecure, scared, angry, apprehensive, skeptical, sensitive, emotional, and spiteful.

Through all this, I am still deserving.” 

It’s been almost two years since you left this reminder of your Yin and Yang near your door. It still hangs even though the door is currently different. Look how far you’ve come and continue to go. Think about all the experiences you’ve endured and all the blessings you have received. You truly are amazing. Believe in yourself and keep up the work love.

 - SL