Growing Up And Growing Out

Growth is a beautiful thing, especially when your growth comes with outgrowth - people, places, things, etc. For me, growing out of old habits means I'm getting rid of self-destructive behaviors and even flipping them into their positive counterparts. Once I figured out it really is me against me, I started shifting my internal compass from negative self-defeating thinking and into more positivity and self-assurance. 

Embracing Fear Instead of Being Smothered By It

Fear was something I let hinder me all the time. I wouldn't do certain things or go certain places because I was afraid in one way or another - whether it was fear of rejection, failure, awkwardness, etc. I realized that fear isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean, I'm doing something SCARY! I'm propelling myself out of my comfort zone so it make sense that I would be afraid. But instead of letting that fear stop or cloud my judgement, I can use it as fuel. It's a normal high. It's ok to say I'm afraid or fearful, but it's not ok for that fear to hold me back. Instead of the fear of failure, it's more of a fear of letting that fear hold me back ever again (if that makes sense lol)!

Seeking Opportunities Instead of Waiting For Them

For the LONGEST time, I would just rely on my talent to carry me through. Not saying that I didn't think I didn't need growth in my art to succeed, I just never thought that self-work and talent had much to do with each other - that I could work on them both separately. Although some opportunities have based on my talent, they are normally few and far in between. As much as I am growing and stepping out of my comfortable, I'm applying that growth to my art and business. If I can go out to new places and do new things (by myself I might add), I can search for and make new opportunities and try new techniques with my art, as well. I'm not boxing myself in with my art anymore. I'm applying that same pressure that I do on myself, on my work.

Making Decisions For Me Instead Of Others

I'm doing things that make me feel god inside now. Period. I've had to very very intentional and vocal about this. Standing up for myself has always been odd. On one hand, I normally don't let people walk all over me. But on the other hand, I like pleasing people. As much as I'm headstrong and comfortable in who I am, I lived to please certain people in my life at the expense of my own happiness and comfort. That expense grew into resentment, anxiety, and disconnect. When I finally hit my limit, started making decisions for myself, AND talking about it to these people,  it really helped everyone to have more understanding and how we can better treat and support each other. Not big surprise, I have an amazing support team that is also on board for me making decisions for myself, as well!

Asking And Accepting Help Instead of Being Skeptical Of It

Help? Whew, McScuse me (lol)?! Asking and accepting help has always been and still is hard for me. I don't know what it is, it's something about being self-sufficient that intrigues me. From young, I've just been very to my self. I never really needed or wanted help - yes, it'd be nice, but I was used to doing things on my own and I never expected otherwise. If help wasn't offered, 9/10 I wasn't asking for it. It might even be a control thing, but I like being able to say, "Yep, I did that all by myself!" But with that mindset, comes A LOT of (unnecessary) stress. Being superwoman isn't all that it's cracked up to be, especially when we are all human. I'm realizing that asking for help doesn't equate to weakness. It's actually powerful when we can admit, "I need help," accept the fact that other people are fully able and can be better suited to help you, and that not everybody is out to hurt you. This is actually one of my hardest growing points yet!

Pretty much, it's out with the negative reinforcement and in with the proactive positive reinforcement for me. Pinpointing the areas you want to grow is a growing process in itself, so it's imperative that we assess our perspectives. Some of our "flaws" aren't really flaws, but instead, stem from how we view ourselves and the world around us. Flipping these negatives into positives is a step in the right direction. If we just change that view and how we process our thought process and reactions, I firmly believe we can unlock our full potential.