Cultivate YourSELF And Then Some

Now more than ever, women are stepping into their full potential and rejecting preconceived limitations. Women are securing leadership positions, permeating through male-dominated industries, and pursuing their own ventures. More conversations surrounding body positivity, mental health awareness, and women empowerment are not only being discussed, but celebrated, as well. Essentially, women (and girls and girls alike) are taking control of their own narratives and placing much emphasis on self-love and mastery. This is so amazing!

When thinking about women who are cultivating their own narrative and using their platform to positively influence our community, Jada Pinkett Smith came to mind. On her new Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith passionately discusses the importance of emotional awareness with her mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, and daughter, Willow Smith. One of her most powerful quotes was, “it saddens me how a lot of women are numbing themselves just to survive in a way that they’ve been told they need to be to have happy lives but are miserable.” As societal expectations tend to be unrealistic and overwhelming for most, she encourages other women to establish their sense of self, define their own standards of happiness, and to not lose themselves during life’s pursuit.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Red Table Talk and aspire to use my resources and platforms in a similar fashion. Honestly, I would’ve appreciated conversations like these with my own mother and grandmother, of whom I never got the chance to meet, when I was 17/18. I’m not going to lie, I might not have had the maturity or range to have these open conversations but it might have helped me see my mom more as a person instead of just as my mom. It was hard to relate to my mom at times because I am first generation-American and never had any grandmother(s). Who knows, maybe those conversations would have prompted my ‘epiphany’ at 18 as opposed to 25; or maybe they wouldn’t have, as everything happens for a reason within the timing in which it occurs. Either way, I’m grateful that I am here and can do so now.  

It’s beautiful to see women refusing to let their past define them or their art and focusing on selfhood. I never imagined we’d be openly discussing ourselves autonomously. This is why I talk about self-care so more. It affects how we navigate the world around us and how we see our purpose/place within it. Self-care has much to do with self-acceptance, as trusting and being comfortable in your own skin is invaluable – loving all parts of yourself, internally and externally. Not only do I aspire to be a powerful woman who dominates in her career, I want to make conscious efforts to not only learn but also empower myself, as well. I aim to define my own narrative and not allow society to dictate how I take ownership of my life and story.

Thoughts are powerful and can manifest through different means. We must figure out who we are, what we like, and speak positivity into our own lives. This is especially important because many of us are or are striving to become modern day Renaissance Women, masters of many. I truly believe by nurturing and mastering ourselves first, we can master anything. You must pour that same amount of passion and drive back into yourself no matter how far you climb. Self care and inner love plus a little bit of luck fuels success.