Mercury Retrograde, Friend or Foe

When people think about Mercury Retrograde, shivers soon follow.  During this time, Mercury appears to reverse through the sky during its orbit around the sky. Supposedly, this is also the time where miscommunication, bad luck, and just overall turmoil arise. Many even say that you’re not supposed to start new endeavors but focus on reexamination instead, similar to how Mercury appears to retrace it’s path. I’ve never paid attention to the alignment of planets and how they affect my life since I’ve always had an unbalance of good and bad luck, with an emphasis on the latter.

So this time around, I thought I’d keep my eyes and mind opened, since the retrograde was approaching on August 12th – September 5th, 2017. Maybe there is some truth to this Mercury Retrograde business, maybe there’s nothing more than superstition. After all, I had several new projects I wanted to start and a trip planned for Orlando and Miami, FL at the end of August. If there’s any truth to Mercury Retrograde, this would be the perfect time to soon find out.

And that, I did. Some major events that occurred during this time period included:

  1. I found out I wouldn’t be converted to a permanent position at my job (what everyone strives for), instead my current program would be extended to retain my employment
  2. I found out I might not get my upcoming promotion as planned/promised
  3. I fell in love with Orlando, as an entire city, and Universal Studios was so much fun
  4. I missed my train from Orlando to Miami due to unforeseen circumstances with our LYFT driver
  5. It rained most of the time in Miami (more than the usual sporadic rain showers)
  6. I got my period in Miami so I felt bloated and had cramps most of the time in Miami
  7. I found out I was accepted into an Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy certificate program
  8. I found out that I got the interview for an Art Gallery internship that I wanted badly
  9. I created the BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT Project

Nevertheless, yeah, much happened during Mercury Retrograde. 5/9 events listed were “bad.” But also, much has been happening in the last few months. It wasn’t as messy as I thought this period would be though. I feel like more meaningful good things happened than bad. Yes my job came into question. Yes my promotion may not come on time. Yes I missed my train to Orlando and had to scramble to find another train due to a language barrier and our driver taking us to the wrong address. Yes it poured in Miami, about 75% of our trip. And yes my period has consistently horrible timing in Miami.

But I gained and learned so much more about myself. I learned that there really is no such thing as full job security, wherever you go. I learned that it’s okay to be myself and have my own preferences and interests, even if that means going against the grain. I learned that what you pray for and manifest, you eventually receive. I learned that not only do I like trying new things, I’m not afraid to try new things by myself. I learned that I absolutely hate the club and I’m never going back again (lol). I learned that I can put myself out there, place more emphasis on my art endeavors, and receive positive feedback.

So, do I believe in Mercury Retrograde? NO, not really. Stuff happens and stuff will always happen. But it’s more so about your perception and how you handle adversity. For example, when I got the emergency call that my job and my promotion were in jeopardy because of factors beyond my control, I wasn’t as angry as you’d expect. In fact, I was more upset that this call took place on a Friday when I was already off the clock if anything (lol). It was a shock and 5 days prior to my Orlando/Miami trip, but I had the power to take this news however I chose. I could let it ruin my day, weekend, and trip but only if I wanted to. So you know what I did? I drank my wine and continued painting! I’m so sure of my purpose and that it's not rooted in the here (my current state), that somehow I knew that I’d be okay or I’d address it later when it became not okay. I’ve been asking for a sign, so that’s exactly how I took it. And in all honesty, the past month has been great to me - a series of signs, growth, and positive affirmations!

If there is more to Mercury Retrograde, maybe we should welcome it and/or change how we process things that we can and cannot control. It’s easy to focus on the negatives when you’re not opening yourself to the positives. Change your perspective. You may find out that your “bad luck” isn’t really bad luck, but instead, an opportunity to see or find the hidden good in your situation. Much, if not all, of my bad luck has actually been good luck in disguise. The glass has always been half full.