Morning Thoughts

Today, I'm challenging myself to be real with what I have going on. To be real with my wants, my needs, my intentions, my words, my art, etc.

I live in a fantasy world sometimes and ignore the potential road blocks right around the corner. And the problem with being a dreamer is that there are so many ideas in my head, execution of that 1 or 2 dope ideas can be stall. I need to consistently challenge myself to make sure that I'm growing and able to see/take opportunities when they avail themselves. 

So I'm taking a break from the 'on the go' life and figuring out exactly what I want and need. Knowing what I don't want and need has become easy with my experiences. Once I'm able to explicitly define AND visualize my wants and needs, I can figure out what I can do to get a solid step closer to my end goal and strengthen/expand my team.

I've been told that I'm always searching for something - clarity and meaning (I suppose). In this case, I think they both lie within me. I'm giving myself 48 hours to figure that out (so I don't sit and plan FOREVER)!