So BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT website is live! I’m been so excited to share the news! It’s crazy. I originally intended to make BGWP solely be an Instagram feed.  I knew I wanted to orchestrate meet-ups and events one day, but a whole website with valuable content? Just, wow! In talking to other BGWP across the globe, I realized that we needed an additional platform/resource more than reposting our work. I wanted to do more to education and uplift our community. So, here she is!! We have the #BGWP Feed Page where were stream all of our weekly themes on Instagram, including links to current and past themes. We have an Advice Page that talks about creative and business tips, along with inspirational and motivational pieces. We also have a Highlights Page where we feature BGWPs who are transitioning artist, full-time artists, and artists using their work to cultivate change in their respective communities. AND we will be opening a Shop to get your own BGWP apparel soon!

Thanks for all the support, kind words, and positive affirmations. I have truly found happiness in the work that I/we do with this page. I’ve collaborated with some dope artists and have been able to meet so many dope BGWP doing their THANG (lol)! I’m so excited for what’s in store for BGWP.

Oh, and it's our 3 month anniversary so you HAVE to check out how much we’ve grown here!