The BIG 2-7!!!

The “big day” finally came. I get very anxious around my birthday. I’ve had great birthdays in the past but I’ve somehow always brought in or ended my actual birthday in tears for the past few years, mostly over a guy. Lame, I know. I tend to let mixed company damper my mood and get the best of my emotions but this is an area that I’m focusing on removing. So this year, I decided to be very intentional with the energy I allow in for my birthday. “27 is mine. I ain’t sorry!”

I decided to have a vision board party with a few close friends as my main event on the eve of my birthday. And let me tell you, it was SO much fun! We had food, made our own popsicles and fish bowls, listened to 90s R&B, and decorated our vision boards until the clock stuck 12AM. I brought in my 27th birthday with a strong sense of girl power in the room: 2 best friends I’ve known since 4, 1 best friend I’ve known since 13, 2 close friends I’ve known since high school, 1 close friend I met Freshman year of college who came down from New York City, and a few close friends attending in spirit (lol)! As many differences in personalities, career fields, and walks in life we had amongst ourselves, there were so many commonalities in the room that night!

It was so dope to see how friendships tend to cultivate with time, experience, and real work. It’s really true when they say ‘you are the company you keep.’ Not going to brag about my girl friends (too much), but it’s great to see how 26/27 has treated us thus far. Balance is when you argue about who killed the Boy Is Mine better, Monica or Brandy, and then two seconds later talk about new milestones in our careers and our upcoming goals! It just felt so good to have quality girl time. No headaches or tears in sight! It was perfect! The ‘men’ topic took a nice back seat for the night!

That’s when I realized, this is how I’m choosing to spend my time in 27 - supporting, encouraging, and uplifting other powerful women.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own lives/relationships that we don’t see the world around us. We work so hard to fill these self-serving dynamics and sometimes forget to nourish our other relationships just as much. We are all guilty of it, but we can change this as time permits. I encourage you all to support the dreams of your girls (friends). These are the bonds that should/will last forever!