Doodle This Doodle That

Want to get your creative juices flowing? Grab a pen and paper, and just start doodling - any and everything that’s on your mind, just start! Doodling is great for those looking for new inspiration to create and also helps you relax, cope with stressors, and have fun. Unlike sketching that requires more thought and attention, doodling is more freehand - the more you doodle, the more the piece falls into place. Doodling can be done almost ‘anywhere’ on your downtime. You can also be more discrete when doodling on your notebook paper, as opposed to using adult coloring books. And as an avid pen/marker connoisseur (lol), the type of drawing tool or stroke you use can make your doodle POP much more. It's all up to you. There's no right or wrong way to doodle. No lines to stay in, specific colors to use, or spaces to fill. No pressure! You get to have full creative range! The more you doodle, the more you will see what kind of energy was fostered into each piece. Regardless of the actually feelings you had in the moment, an abstract masterpiece is always the end product.

It took me a while to get back to doodling, but now that I have, I love it! I keep a notebook or loose paper with me at all times. Doodling helps my hone my style, find niche, and tell more intricate/abstract stories. I feel very free and authentic when I doodle, whether it’s for 10 minutes or 2 hours. I also feel like a more centered and capable artist, as well - able to create new dynamic pieces and 'shock' myself. Not only do I have fresh and unique doodles, I also a wider range of sketches and potential for more paintings now. I'm pretty excited to do more! Not just because I like my finished doodles, but because I like the feeling I get when I'm doodling - when I'm creating. Now, I try to doodle whenever I have the free time. I even factor in times each day to work on new doodles and add to older ones. Here are a few recent doodles below. 

Whether you are an artist, designer, entrepreneur, etc., it’s good to get a blast of your own raw energy and creativity. Our creative bones have constantly movie in order to stay motivated and inspired. We need those breaks in our busy schedules to get creative and refocus our pent up energy and emotions into something positive and quirky. Take some time out and give doodling a try!