Gain or Strain

May is here and I've been some form of 'under the weather' for a while now. Although I am making small gains, losing over 5 lbs, I can't fully say my overall wellness has made similar improvements. I have managed to fit in a dress that I couldn't even zip up 3 months ago (to say I was ecstatic is an understatement lol), I can't help but feel fatigued most of the time, like my body is constantly fighting something off. I actually think my weight loss is more due to my fluctuating state of health. I have a great support system (family and friends) that helps me ignore how I'm feeling internally, but it's been about six months now. It's exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. It's time to do more research on what I can do to ensure my immune system gets back on track and stays that way. For some reason, I have the feeling that the problem is in my immune system/kidneys since my body is very susceptible to ailment. So I decided to see an immunologist and a urologist. Maybe my hormones/immune system is off? Who knows. A consultation can't hurt. And besides, I'm always scaring myself on WebMD and holistic blogs and websites to find clues of what I could have, if I even have anything. I'm the type of person to wake up one day, decide I have diabetes, and get a blood glucose test... just because (yeah I know, but at least I know for sure I don't have diabetes now lol). Professional advice could serve me well with peace of mind, regardless if I get a diagnosis or more healthy life tips. I know it could very well be all in my head or a case of bad luck mixed with stress. After all, it is the Spring season. I just want to make sure I'm not more than sickly because I've always been known as the friend who always gets random ailments. And I'm also not fully sold that I'm losing weight in a healthy manner. I don't feel better, which has always been the main goal of increasing my wellness and fitness as opposed to shedding pounds. My current state of health is adding to my daily stress levels - a strain, in a sense.

In theory, if you're putting in the work, you should see some form of physical and emotional gains as you progress. If you feel worse, really pay more attention to your body. A 'gain' isn't always simply a gain. Look at the bigger picture, the total package. Our bodies sometimes give us hints that something is going right and can potentially be going wrong. Feel it, see it, and do something about it! With that said, I wish you all much continued success on your paths to healthier lifestyles - our biggest investment is ourselves (our health).