Wild Card: Restaurant

Every year we take my mom to brunch (or cook) and a movie to celebrate Mother's Day. Sweet and simple family time! This year we decided to switch it up a little. We normally take her to a super expensive fancy restaurant with extravagant decor. Instead, we decided to take her to Smith Public Trust in the Brookland neighborhood of NE, DC. It was super nice and quaint. The laid back atmosphere and vibes were great. It was more of an artsy hipster feel as opposed to a large mainstream restaurant, not busy or loud at all. Happy hour is also every day, which is always a plus for me lol. AND it’s a minority-owned business with excellent customer service, food, and drinks! Not to mention, I love supporting small business endeavors and putting money back into the community, especially in light of the gentrification issues DC has been facing. It doesn’t get any better when you find hidden gems that have communal roots. And my mother loved it. Their prices weren’t bad either. I had the Charm City Red Velvet Belgian Waffles with the Southern Fried Chicken Breast Tenders (a must-try).. with a side of 2 eggs lol... and the Juniper Rosetta Stone Mason because who goes to a restaurant without trying a signature cocktail, right?! Everything was AMAZING. I’d go back again, especially for a live performance and to check out the back patio! Smith Public trust is perfect for a first date, brunch, business meeting, meet-up, etc. Give them a try!