Wild Card: Fur Baby

Hey Guys! I’d like to introduce you all to my new pup, Calypso (aka Trina, ‘The Baddest’ lol jk). She’s about a year old Patterdale Terrier, similar to the Jack Russell Terrier if you’re unfamiliar with the breed like I was. I literally got up one morning and decided I was getting a dog. This was on my 25th year vision board and I’ve always wanted a dog since childhood (thanks mom… LOL). Much has been going on in my personal life, that it just felt timely, being what I needed and having the capacity for at the moment. I figured, why not now? I researched some local animal shelters and made a few visits.

I got Calypso from the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter in Upper Marlboro, MD, a great facility if you are looking for a new pet from a no kill shelter with a very friendly and helpful staff. I’d advise to call and inquire about a particular animal that you saw on their listing prior to your visit, to make sure the animal is in good health and still available, as the adoption rate, at least for small dogs, is very high and there isn't much information given online about each pet. As I was walking around viewing the animals, my eye caught, ‘Little Foot.’ A young, underweight, very shy, crooked eared female terrier. She wasn’t used to people or a leash. In fact, she had me go inside her kennel and coach her out for our interaction (definitely a funny sight). She ended up being very sweet, just a little scared and nervous of the new surroundings as she was a stray dog that had been rescued the day before. That's when I knew, all she needed was a little love. Luckily, I was the first application! Super lucky and excited. About a week or so, she was mine! The shy pup named Little Foot is no more! She is a super hyper, funny, friendly ball of fun named Calypso! She doesn’t know how to go down stairs yet, but we’re working on it. She’s well on her way to being on my schedule and house broken, no accidents in the house yet!

When I pictured my first dog, I was thinking I would get a super friendly, chill dog that followed me everywhere. Calypso is definitely making me earn her trust and companionship. She’s warming up to me but it hasn’t automatic like I had hoped. The more time I spend with her, the more I realize she’s just like me (in dog form of course haha). It takes time for me warm up to people and my trust/friendship is no where close to being free or easily attained. I’ve always been timid and introverted, but once you get to know me, I’m full of life and personality - sometimes I even talk to much! I let people ‘in’ very few and far between, but once you’re in there, you’re likely to be in there forever, at least in some capacity. Calypso is teaching me how to be patient, how to relax, and how to smell the roses… Each and every one of them haha! Can’t wait to take her to dog parks and on dog friendly adventures. She will definitely accompany me on  many of my trips and travels. I just got a literal ‘ROLL DOG’ lol. Yes!