Staying Grounded And Motivated

Hey guys! One thing I've noticed about myself and my peers is that we tend to be extremely hard on ourselves. No matter how well we are doing at face value, we all have our our own ideals about where we want/should be. Not meaning that we want all roses and good times, we know that's not how life works, but when we're down, we tend to get extremely down. Well, I'll just speak for myself. I have really high days and really low days - each of day being on one extreme end of the other. Although this may be a degree of my personality at play, I tend to live and operate in extremes (lol). However, I've found a few ways to help me when I need an extra tug of motivation or to stay grounded.

1. Writing and Burning - This is something I've done since I was a child. Write down exactly how you feel in the moment on a single piece of paper. When you've gotten everything out, fold it up, and stow it somewhere safe until the morning. The next day when you wake up, don't reread it, but instead, burn it. Burn it out of existence (be careful lol)!  This is your chance get out all of those feelings that you can't quite tell your friends, parents, significant others, etc. It's not good to hold things and this helps to 'release' them. I've use this method primarily to vent but can also see how it can be used to put positive things forward into existence/the universe. Just some advice, I would use this method for one purpose, venting or envisioning, not both.

2. Personal Days - Now I'm not talking about using a day out of your weekend or off days; I'm talking about deliberately taking a day off your normal work schedule just for the hell of it. I use personal days to both celebrate and recharge, whether I stay in to eat ice cream and watch movies or go to an event or place that I wouldn't be able to because of work. A treat of some 'me time' either way. I'd say take a personal day at least once a month if your work/responsibility schedule permits even if you find yourself in a more nonfluctuating state, not having a specific reason to celebrate or hardship to overcome. I know for me, every monumental milestone I reach or rock bottom I hit, I take a personal day to focus solely on me - so I take them whenever and as often as I need to.

3. Nostalgic Activities - Okay, so this might sound a little weird, but it's ME so just hear me out lol. When I accomplish something major, like graduating, getting a new job, booking a major trip, sometimes I get that 'oh gosh, I'm getting old' feeling. So I indulge in my old favorite pastimes. I've always had a thing for cartoons, animations, and games, so I pull out my old gameboy advance and have a go at it lol. Yes, I still play Pokemon and watch old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark from time to time and LOVE them! In a way, this revives my inner child/creativity - you know, a simple reminder not to take life too seriously and relax - and keeps me grounded as I achieve more of my goals. Everyone has their guilty pleasures anyways! Lol. 

As Millennials (aka marvelous beings), we have to learn how to relax, positively handle anxiety and life stressors, and help each other out. These are a few ways that have helped me move forward when I need that little nudge to get back on my A game. In reality outside of our bubbles, we really aren't as behind as we sometimes feel and will all navigate up this ladder soon enough! Hard work always pays off because WE make it pay off. That's what I love about us, we claim and demand it! I encourage you all try new things, figure out what works for you, and share it. Simple life hacks can be more helpful than you could ever imagine.