A Few Thoughts About My Exercise Goals

One thing to note, my brother and my best friend are my biggest health supporters. They constantly keep me in check with the healthy eating and workout tips. With their help, I’ve given up pork, started switching to more natural brands of food, and started working out in the past few months. As such, I’ve decided to include them in my workout routines as much as possible! On Tuesdays, I’m going to the gym with my brother; on Thursdays, I’m working out with my trainer; and on Saturday afternoons, I’m finishing up my kickboxing deal with my best friend. This is the first time EVER that I'm being more consistent with my workout and eating habits, let alone building a schedule around them.

In organizing my goals, I’m realizing that I have to organize my priorities and build habits that lead to success. I've also noticed that with these new goals, I will have to subsequently dish out more time and money in some aspect. I've chosen to accept these 'expensive' habits as an investment as opposed to expenses, after all, why not spend and invest on yourself if anything? It's not selfish, it's wellness (it kinda rhymed lol)!

I encourage you all to find a small support team where you all can accomplish your shared goals together and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND on yourselves. As a byproduct, you will spend and invest in each other, as well.