Wild Card: Countdown To Thailand!

So Thailand is in about 2.5 weeks! People keep asking me, "are you ready for your trip?" Am I excited? YES. Am I ready? NO! Although I can't wait to finally be in Chiang Mai, I can't help but feel a little unprepared. The itineraries haven't been solidified yet, haven't gotten my shots yet (I've been a little under the weather), and I haven't even started thinking about what traveling for 9 days will look like.  I don't know exactly what I'm going to be doing in Thailand just yet, but I do know I want to be there as soon as possible! In the midst of getting my travel plans together, I'm also juggling the workload of two jobs (I started a detail at the end of January while I still have my workload at my actual job), keeping up with my painting goals (painting at least one piece a week), and sticking to my exercise/health goals (cutting down on fatty foods and working out 3 times a week)... all while actively job searching/attending interviews. Although my plate my seem a bit full at this time and my travel plans have taken a bit of a back seat, I want to make sure all aspects of my life are settled and in check before and after my trip! Would hate for anything to slip through the cracks with so much on my mind.


BUT, I have managed to look into some activities in Chiang Mai, including the Elephant Nature Park, The Tiger Kingdom, The Golden Triangle, AVR riding, night safaris, cooking classes, numerous temples, etc. Chiang Mai has just about everything to offer nature/adventure-wise that I want except for a beach lol. Maybe a train to Bangkok or Phuket will do the job? Not sure yet, as we're only there for a week.  I'm always the 'itinerary' person when I plan things, and most of the time, things never go as planned, which pretty much adds to the adventurous and flexible aspects of road trips and vacation. I've found some affordable local tours at www.travelhubchiangmai.com that seem great too! If we do pick some tours it will from that company/our hotel so I'm more certain that our tourism dollars are going back into the people instead a larger/western travel company that's unnecessarily super pricey. I've also been utlizing Pinterest!!! There are so many hidden gems and articles available on this platfor. I'm hooked! So at this point, I'm thinking about not having a complete itinerary, but more of a 'soft' itinerary with a set budget and key destinations. My best friend and I will probably not go on all the same tours/activities as my parents so that gives us more range to do more activities and go different places anyways. I still have to convince her about going ziplining, which is top of my Thailand To Do List lol. I do know I will be packing light (first time for everything), journaling/sketching as I go, taking tons of pictures, and spraying bug-repellent every chance I get!  I'm surprisingly calm even though not everything is planned out yet. I don't think it will hit me that I'm actually going until a few days before we leave. And that's fine! :)