It's been a while, yes. But in a way, taking a break from my life, my normal routine, and even some of the things I love, has been necessary for my growth. So much as happened over the past few months - from leaving a horrible job and boss, to starting a new one in a field of interest, from letting go of ill-harbored feelings towards people, to starting fresh and forming new ones, from feeling confined by my circumstances and own constraints, to letting go and taking risks... Because I had enough and because I can. So today, on my 26th birthday, I choose to highlight 11 great moments of my 25th year.

  1. Graduated with my Master's degree
  2. Got a job soon after graduation that made me feel undervalued and undermined but ultimately pushed me to realize my worth and leave
  3. Got another job where I'm helping others transition to and from secondary education (the reason I sought a degree in public service)
  4. Adopted my dog Calypso from the local shelter and was able to see her change from a shy timid pup into the friendly rambunctious dog full with personality and spunk
  5. Traveled to Thailand, Chicago, New Orleans, and St Lucia for the first time
  6. Visited an elephant sanctuary
  7. Went to the Beyonce and Kanye West concert
  8. Realized the necessity of self love, care, and respect in friendships and relationships
  9. Participated in a 5k run
  10. Joined a Multidisciplinary Arts Team and met some dope people
  11. Witnessed my brother get married to his soul mate and gained an amazing sister-in-law !!!

Being an a bad space can seep into other aspects of life, but it doesn't have to stay that way. In fact, the most valuable lessons and meaningful moments can occur doing this time. Focus on the good in your life. It helps to remind you how blessed and loved you are. When thinking about all that has transpired since this date last year, I'm happy to be in different state now. I'm thankful for growth and transparency. I'm experiencing new adventures. I'm constantly setting the bar higher each year. I ended my 25th year on a positive note and can't wait to see what 26 has in store for me. Cheers!