Wild Card: Vision Board Party

I love all things art and creative. If you're a fan of speaking things into existence, a vision board party is right up your ally!

I've thrown/been a part of a few vision board parties and must note, planning and good energy are NECESSARY. In the past, I've framed vision board parties as more of an Arts and Crafts day and welcomed mixed energy. When I say mixed energy, I mean 'the more the merrier' or 'invite your friends' kind of thing. Not that this aspect is bad, but when you're having any event involving speaking positivity into existence, I think it's better to keep it small, limiting it to your close friends/people that you trust with your visions - your support team.  Also, although those vision board parties were fun, the vision boards made it to Instagram then swiftly to the backs of our closets, never to be touched or looked at again. We didn't really invest time and thought into our vision boards. Instead, it was more of a girls night in and catching up with old friends. That was still a win because we all connected as and had a great time, we just weren't having a meaningful vision board party as intended. 

So fast forward (and rewind) to last month, my brother invited my best friend and I to his Vision Board Party with a full-blown agenda: brunch, football game, vision board/movie time, and presentations (my family is creative and eccentric so we love doing things with fun itineraries and activities lol). We met at his house on a Sunday afternoon and the festivities begin. We all chatted while preparing a tasty brunch - think banana pancakes, eggs, cornbread, turkey sausage, mimosas, etc. Yum! Even at this stage we were talking about all the cool things we were planning to accomplish/have already accomplished this year. As such, we decided to cater our vision boards to the year, 2016. So much excitement and good vibes were in the air on this day. After brunch, we watched the heart breaking Redskins vs Packers game. To a house full of redskins fans, that loss didn't sit well at all. Even the dogs were pissed haha. However, we put on a movie and started tackling our vision boards. All you could hear were the sounds of the tv, pages flipping, and scissors cutting. When we were all finished, we gave in-depth presentations, explaining how we formulated our vision boards and how they represented what we were going to accomplish this year. Every one was being transparent and speaking their goals into existence.  Maybe it's just me, but I really value these kind of genuine moments. I'm such a sap!

In all, my brother's Vision Board Party was a success! Purpose and good vibes were the main focus of the event. Having a team activity or event surrounding the event, such as making brunch and mimosas, served as an icebreaker so everyone naturally eased into the activity, as opposed to starting fresh upon arrival. It gave some form of structure and set the mood. Plus, everyone loves a good meal and drinks to help get the creative juices flow! Also, the presentation aspect was key - speaking greatness into existence and expressing them to your support team that will hold you accountable throughout the year. Since we were a small group of people, the energy was high and lively, which made it easier to be ourselves and have fun. We were open about so many things and decided not to post our boards on social media. since this was a personal activity that we chose to share with specific people. Instead, we decided to do check-ins to discuss our progress and any new projects we were taking on to help achieve our goals. Our first check-in was in the form of a 30 min conversation but I want to make it more of an event or hang out like the actual Vision Board Party - maybe a game night, brunch, etc. 

Takeaways: For me, I'm learning that mixed energy and vibes (whether new or old) doesn't serve much purpose in my life, especially when I'm envisioning where I want to be, how I can get there, or the best way I can encourage others to do the same. If you're someone that welcomes new energy to activities like vision board creation, make sure that that energy is good energy, that everyone vibes well, and that you all plan to keep in touch in some aspect. Sometimes we need motivation and quick reminders to ensure our visions are fulfilled. Support can go a long way. With that being said, have fun creating your vision boards and making your vision board parties engaging, memorable, and most importantly, meaningful!