Rewind And Relax With A Bubblebath!

Winter Storm Jonas... That's all I have to say. I'd be lying if I said I actually wanted to go to work tomorrow or that I didn't enjoy my time tucked away at my parents house. This megastorm was nothing short of a blessing, for me at least. Yes, a blessing wrapped in cabin fever, minimal moving or physical activity, movies, Netflix, wine, and painting. I'll admit it, my workout/fitness goals regime? Out the window. As many excuses I made to not eat my moms cooking and drinking wine all day, I looked the other way and indulged like it was Thanksgiving or Christmas break!

But I digress. This morning I woke up feeling like, 'Ok Sash, time to be productive. That event you wanted to attend? Buy the ticket. That post you wanted to write? Get to it. That unfinished painting downstairs? Finish it.' And so one. Basically, Sash get yourself together!! The thing about daydreamers and creatives, we constantly have so many ideas and thoughts running through our minds. Many times we make the excuse for not having enough time to accomplish personal goals because of our busy schedules. But we can't forget about the times where we make excuses for sitting in limbo, having all the time in the world but low motivation to use that time efficiently. Sometimes, we literally have to take the time to stop, reflect, and sort it all out so it makes sense. You know, get organized!

For me, a good bubblebath has always helped to get that job done. This semi-unproductive couch potato swing I had going on was changing today. After my shower, I was going to relax with a bubblebath, get some inspiration, and sort my goals out. I normally use Peppermint Oil, but today I tried Tea Tree Oil because I've been researching it for it's holistic uses as a step into my personal wellness (I'll be making a post of my tea tree oil findings soon). A couple of drops laters, I was in heaven. Can you say absolutely lovely!? This "time" was exactly what I needed to stimulate my mind back into being productive. After reading about 30 or so pages of Boss Girl, by Sophia Amoruso, I grabbed by notebook and started writing/connecting any and everything that came to mind - business ideas, short and long term goals for my art and blog, themes for paintings, events to attend, etc. - all while in the tub lol.

Everyone needs their 'me' time and as much time of it that's necessary to get over that new hurdled or to finally reach that epiphany you've been seeking. I never realized how much I love baths until I moved somewhere that didn't have one - yes, I know, the house I live in is older than me smh! A good bubblebath and aromatherapy always reels me back into me, Sasha-Loriene. The oil is like a sweet addition that aides in positive thinking, self-reflection, and balance. It's like a time where I can rewind and sort out my thoughts in a secluded times and area that minimizes distractions. We need that sometimes.