Wild Card: A Documentary Must See

*I've decided to start a weekly 'Wild Card Wednesday' post. It'll be devoted to all things art! Whether it's a new show/place, event, painting, music, movie/documentary, etc., a post will be here every Wednesday to share what I've come across.

So it's not a secret that I LOVE Netflix. In a choice between going out on a Friday night or drinking my favorite wine and watching some Netflix, I'll take the latter. 9/10 at least when I'm not dragged out by my friends. This sometimes goes for work too. I try to maximize my 'me' time during my lunch because I'm mostly working with/around people all day at my job. So if I'm not drawing, mindlessly perusing blogs, or online shopping, I'm normally catching up on my Netflix. Joy! 

Rewind. A few weeks ago, 1PM came around and there I was trying to figure out how to spend my lunch break. I wanted to watch a new movie/documentary so I would have something to look forward to for the next 2-4 days. For some reason, the documentary Twinsters popped up. I read the quick summary and was like, 'sounds interesting.' I haven't been too unsatisfied by Netflix documentaries yet and it had good ratings so I gave it a try. In short, it's about 2 girls who were adopted at birth and randomly found each other via the internet and toyed with the idea that they could actually be identical twins! Wouldn't it be crazy to just mosey along on the internet (like you normally do) and find a girl that looks JUST like you? What!? It just shows how life can lead/take you. Always been a believer of everything happens for a reason so that would just be icing on the cake. 

Check out the  Facebook  page too!

Check out the Facebook page too!

So if you have a Netflix account, or use your mom's password like I do, definitely check it out! It's on iTunes too. Let me know what you think and stay blessed!