Ever Stopped To Realize How Awesome You Are?

I just did! I love how I'm growing in my thoughts and views of the world. For instance, I don't accept 'fact' as fact. I question everything. I visualize. I conceptualize. I formulate my own opinions. Views. Perspectives. I listen to learn, not necessarily to understand. To experience not to fix or makes. My goal is not to find the answers. I'm comfortable in not knowing. My comfort lies in truly believing that there are certain things we aren't meant to know, we can't know, we won't know, etc. Why is it in our human nature to make sense of things? Why can't we accept that certain things are just beyond us? Why is it so hard to just believe? Why are we constantly in a race with to figure things out? To solve things? To explain things? To dissect things? Why do we have to know? Why? Why? WHY?

I really believe that sometimes, more harm than good can be done with this one tracked, narrow-minded way of thinking. I think the beauty in life is NOT knowing. As much as we make ourselves believe that we know, we don't. Isn't it kinda cool to know that some things will never be solved (I stress, some)? We don't have all of the answers. There are certain things we just can't explain, thus giving way to infinite possibilities. And THAT'S what really intrigues me! 

I'm loving this part of me. In fact, I think this is one of my best qualities - having a wandering spirit. I've been called a daydreamer my whole life. It's actually the norm for me to 'zone out' and just think about random things. In a way, I sometimes live in my head, constantly just thinking and wondering about everything. I used to think this was a bad or weird thing, but now I'm appreciating this more and more everyday. This helps me relate and connect to other people on another level and see the real questions that should be asked. It also helps me be less judgmental to things I don't understand and more open to differences. In doing so, this either strengthens my beliefs or affirms my uncertainties. Either way, that's just fine with me!

In all, I just wanna see the beauty in this world. I wanna see as much as possible. Build on experiences. Share those experiences. Hear other's experiences. And then move on, being a better person than before. Our time here is short. Focus on the artistry of both life and yourself.