On The Road To A Healthier Me

If you know me, you know that I have a special place in my heart... FOR FOOD AND DRINKS! Quite frankly, anything that tastes good,.. I want it! Plus, great food is always associated with cocktail or glass of wine to complement? I never used to have a weight or health problem. Growing up, they used to force me to eat. I used to be super picky with food and never had an appetite. I know, strange. I was always the skinny friend until about a year or two ago. Not saying that I'm necessarily fat or overweight, but this extra 20+ lbs I've tacked on since starting college is definitely new. Eating more while not exercising at all has only added to the stressors of school, work, and life in general. No amount of sleep could shake the constant feeling of tiredness I've grown accustomed to. Even as I type this post on my day off, I still feel a bit fatigued, having at least 8 hours of sleep under my belt.

Currently, I'm 5'6 and about 150 lbs. I like some of the weight since I'm not bone stick skinny anymore, but some areas have been less flattering than others. For this reason, I'm not trying to focus on losing 15 lbs (my "goal"), but building my muscle, abs, and healthier life habits. This means both eating better and exercising more, and taking vitamins to health with my immune system (I've been in and out of the doctors for the past few months). Figuring out which foods and exercises/classes work best for me will be interesting, especially since I have more time now that I'm finished with school. I want to build habits because I know I lose interest quick. I really want to follow through with this as my metabolism will continue to drop if I don't make changes now.

So far, I have been eating out less. Seeing as how last week was the first time I went grocery shopping since late October... Yes, I know... It was eye opening just how much I relied on eating out and getting breakfast and lunch at the cafe and somewhat binge eating on chocolates and sweets at work. At one point, I used to eat a bag of cheez-its from the vending machine everyday. I then moved onto a pack or two of Twizzlers every day. These foods became routine, like my break/relief food. Even walking through the junk food isle, I was like "oh my God! Candy! Cookies! Sugar!" lol. I knew I had to start with cutting out the craving junk foods and replacing them with my favorite fruits and healthier foods, like apples, grapes, yogurt, rice cakes. Switching crave for crave essentially. I also want to reserve the detoxes for cleanses and a reboot after holidays/trips where I exercise less and not a 'lose weight fast' sort of solution. I don't want to spend any money at my work cafe. If it get a craving for candy after breakfast , I eat an apple or some grapes. Although they don't give me the sugar rush, they taste sweet and delicious so I can live with that. I am just trying to recharge my tastebuds in a way. 

I also started exercising twice a week, hopefully moving to three times a week and running a mile a day soon. I figured the best way for me to start exercising was through a fun/upbeat class as opposed to just purchasing a gym membership upfront, gaining access to machines I did not know how to use and would work best for my cause. My best friend and I bought a Groupon for 10 kickboxing classes at a local gym and started going twice a week. Let me tell you, it is INTENSE!!! The classes are also offered later at night at 7:30 so you don't have to rush from work/through rush hour to make it on time. My body was sore all last week but I like the feeling that I'm doing something good for my body and complimenting it with eating better and taking vitamins. It kinda feels like I'm giving my body more positive attention instead dodging full mirrors or complaining about the pudges that I created. Our Groupon will run out around mid February. I'm researching different gyms around the area to go to and stay next. Ideally, I'm looking for a membership that offers for classes and facilities (most gyms) so I can go to a class once or twice a week and use the facilities/machines in the interim. 

In all, I'm excited to see the changes in my body and mood! I feel like there is a lot of pressure just to be a woman today, which is why I'm not trying to stress the scale, but the wellness and fitness aspect of making better lifestyle decisions. In becoming a healthier me, I want to free my mind and energy of negative thoughts and habits. The amount of time I spend having low levels of energy/motivation and feeling exhausted will be redirected back to myself and my art. More room for positivity and growth in my life. When you feel and can see good, you also create good!

Here's the Groupon I purchased.  "5 or 10 Kickboxing Classes at Kickboxing Silver Spring (Up to 86% Off)"  Pretty sweet deal for beginners/those looking to break a sweat (or several)! Try it out!

Here's the Groupon I purchased. "5 or 10 Kickboxing Classes at Kickboxing Silver Spring (Up to 86% Off)" Pretty sweet deal for beginners/those looking to break a sweat (or several)! Try it out!